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Lift-Master Maxum JHDC

Commercial Door Operator

  • Motor and Gearbox purpose built to meet the high demands of commercial applications.

  • 3-button control with 4-line LCD display for setup and programming from the floor level.

  • Up to 33% faster than standard commercial door operators, allowing you to get shipments in and out quickly. Average speed is 12” per second.

  • Optional Battery Backup accessory helps keep your door running even when the power goes out—ensuring safe and continuous operation.

  • Diagnostics at floor level through myQ® Facility on your mobile device allows you to see when there is a problem and anticipate maintenance cycles.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi® lets you easily connect to myQ Facility software, allowing you to get valuable data and insights to improve operations.

  • Security+ 2.0® virtually eliminates radio wave interference and offers extended range.

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